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Tanzanite stone
Written by Morgen

Tanzanite is known for the spiritual power, logical thinking, and concentration, in the Zoisite family, Tanzanite is the noblest stone of the highest brilliance. It gives mental strength, promotes logical thinking and increases concentration. The tanzanite healing effect is harmonizing.


Properly selected healing stones generate positive vibrations that balance the soul, mind, and body. There are several ways to transfer the stone energies, such as by laying on the chakras. The gemstone tanzanite helps overcome inhibitions, is helpful in mild depression, and gives consciousness a new meaning. Who wears the immaculately elegant gem shows personality.

What is a Tanzanite?

Tanzanite is one of the world’s most sought-after color gems and is found a thousand times less abundant than diamond. The stone shines in a unique way in violet, blue and deep red. The Tanzanite has created millions of years ago in Tanzania in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.

But it was discovered only in 1967. To date, the East African state is the only reference on the globe. Only the blue crystals of zoisite are temporarily discovered in Pakistan. The precious stone is the blue to the blue-violet variety of the greenish-gray mineral zoisite.

After polishing, the color nuances range from vivid violet blue to deep cornflower blue to beautiful purple. The gemstone tanzanite was named after its origin by the New York jewelry group Tiffany’s. Typical of this stone is it’s unmistakable multicolor.

He supports the character strengths of the star sign Sagittarius. In the Tanzanite healing effect, he harmonizes the worlds of feeling, brings knowledge in meditation and creates a more open perspective.

Tanzanite Varieties

  • Zoisite
  • Ruby-Zoisite
  • Thulit

Tanzanite Meaning

Tanzanite, a rarity, uniquely represents impeccable beauty. The supplies in Tanzania should be exhausted in about ten years. Carriers of this beautiful stone want to distinguish themselves from the broad masses and underline their individuality.

Young women are magically attracted by the fascinating luminosity. For mature women, the gemstone emphasizes the personality. In tanzanite meaning, he arranges the trains of thought, prevents exclusion, helps with headaches and supports introverted people in a clear expression of opinion.

In his work “Chroma – A Book of Colors”, the artist and author Derek Jarman called the color blue “the blood of sensitivity”. This remark perfectly reflects the tanzanite healing effect on body and mind.

Tanzanite Effect On The Psyche?

The gemstone tanzanite is a brain and mind support. He gives spiritual strength, increases the ability to concentrate and coordinates the versatility of interests. Goals arrange themselves, wishes become apparent.

This can be an enormous boost for spontaneous actions that grow out of intuition. The tanzanite healing effect on the psyche is expressed in the easier planning of activities and their energetic implementation.

The blue tanzanite draws our attention to our true vocation and leads us to know to discover the right path in life. He supports the acceptance of changes and should also achieve positive effects in mild depression.

Tanzanite Healing Effect On The psychological Level

Activating and organizing thought flows
Enlightenment in meditations
Relaxation and balance
Help with emotional pain such as sadness

Tanzanite Effects On The Body?

If you want to buy a Tanzanite, you should first think about what you want to use the stone for. Should it be used as a jewelry object, for esoteric use or for healing purposes? On the physical level, the tanzanite gemstone also unfolds its powerful effect.

It can help to lower high blood pressure and supports the health of the sensory organs. Even with headaches or potency problems, the energetic tanzanite healing effect is transmitted. Other uses of the spiritual gemstones are tinnitus, eye diseases, and sore throat.

Tanzanite Healing Effect On  Physical Level

Counteract a headache and migraine
Subsidence of tonsillitis and hoarseness
Processing stress-related restlessness
Release of tension

Tanzanite Optimal Effect

For the gemstone tanzanite to achieve optimal effect, an application with skin contact is important. You can carry it well as a flatterer for a long time with you. For complaints on the mental level recommend Heilsteinkundige eye contact.

Once a month should Tanzanite under running, lukewarm water. For cleaning is suitable to warm soapy water. The delicate gemstone can best be charged overnight in a jar of water, in which you place additional sapphires and rock crystals.

Tanzanite is excellently suited to be placed on the throat chakra and forehead chakra. Singing bowls are suitable for enhancing the vibrations of the colored gemstone. After a healing stone meditation with Tanzanite, you will feel more relaxed, relaxed and powerful.

The strong energies release cramps and counteract negative emotions. If you would like to wear the gemstone tanzanite as jewelry, you should pay attention to counterfeiting, especially in the higher price segment. Because in some cases it is glass blocks and not valuable natural stones.

Purchase an exclusive Tanzanite as a single stone, it can be wonderfully incorporated into a piece of jewelry of your choice.



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