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Sunstone has the harmonizing effect on the soul life, The Sunstone is a great source of energy for the nerves. He soothes the mind, helps with sudden anger and changes the self-perception. The stone energies give confidence, dispel grief and relieve fears.


The healing effect of gemstones on body, soul, and spirit has been known since ancient times. On the 12th-century living, universal scholar and Benedictine Hildegard von Bingen go numerous publications on the healing approaches back. Especially the healing stone Sunstone has a harmonizing effect on the soul life. Sunstone stands for heart warmth, courage, joie de vivre, lightness and light.

What is a Sunstone?

The gemstone sunstone is a variety of the feldspar group and has iridescent inclusions, which produce its fascinating light effects. The naturally grown mineral contains a compound of aluminum, sodium, iron, and silicon.

Hematite deposits create the characteristic sparkle. Sunstones are not to be confused with the family of the quartz Aventurine Sunstones. Frequently, the dazzling Soul flatterer is also referred to as heliolater, aventurine feldspar or oligoclase. The name “Heliolithic ” refers to the Greek sun god Helios.

Sunstone sites are located in Madagascar, Russia, India, USA, Canada, Malawi, and Norway. The color spectrum ranges from reddish brown to orange to orange-red, blue-green, yellow and colorless.

In its transparency, the medium-hard stone with the Mohs hardness 6 to 6.5 is opaque to translucent. The gemstone Sunstone is not associated with any particular zodiac sign. But especially for the ibex, it is a helpful balance stone. In the sunstone healing effect ascribed to him, he dispels melancholy, brings back the joie de vivre and promotes creativity.

Meaning Of  Sunstone 

For the ancient Greeks, the sunstone was a powerful healing and protective stone. People believed that the shiny gold aventurine feldspar saved the world from mischief. In India and China, the Sunstone was considered a healing stone and glowing energy stone, which should possess potential-promoting properties.

In Europe, only the wealthy could afford the sparkling heliolater. That’s why enterprising journeymen tried to make imitations made of glass. These creations were later sold as Aventurine. The traditional uses of the healing stone sunstone include the nervous system, anxiety, protection, depression, and life energy.

The harmonizing heart of the stone distracts from weaknesses and shadows and the view of the sunny sides of the experience. Sunstones are Light-bringer,

Sunstone Healing Effect On The Psyche

You will find the rarely offered power donors as tumbled stones, rough stones, flatterers and partly as chains. The healing stone Sunstone has a balancing effect on the psyche. It is especially suitable for people who hardly feel any joie de vivre and tend to melancholy.

As an enlightening gem, it gives inspiration, happiness, and joy. If you feel drained, energy-less and limp, you benefit from the beneficial sun-stone healing effect. Heliolithic ignite enthusiasm, optimistic and provide a sunny mind. In addition, the dazzling soulmate helps his wearer to become more flexible, open-minded and aware.

Sunstone Effects On The Brain

Helps with jealousy, doubts, stress, and worry
Dissolves tensions and rigid thought patterns
Promotes self-control, knowledge, and responsibility
Gives courage, strengthens energy and creativity

Sunstone Healing Effect On Our Body

Due to its warming qualities, Sunstone is especially recommended for joint complaints, bone disorders, gout, and circulatory disorders. Even when exhausted by sleep deficits, the aventurine feldspar is a valued helper.

The sunstone healing stone is also credited with a protective effect against stroke and clogged blood vessels. Many asthmatics or those affected by bronchial complaints have had good experiences with the sunstone healing stone. In addition, stone energies should have a healing effect on metabolic disorders, gout, and headaches.

Main Effects

Organ action on the thymus gland and nervous system
Strengthens dyslexia and impaired brain skills
Balancing on blood pressure and metabolism
Helpful in a headache, lumbago, toothache, and teeth grinding

Has An Optimal Sunstone Healing Effect

The healing stone sunstone should be discharged approximately twice a month under lukewarm water. Best place it in a bowl of hematite stones or use dry rock salt. For energizing, a charge in the sun, in a rock crystal group or Amethyst druse is ideal.

Dark specimens should not be exposed to the sun for too long, as the effect may increase more than average. The Sunstone healing effect on the organs unfolds very well as tea drunk. If possible, you should wear a Sunstone directly on the skin.

Through its energetic properties of the stone promotes the radiance of the aura. His assignment is the sparkling heliolater on the solar plexus and sacral chakra. The stone forces work best by placing them on the chakras in meditation.

The root chakra is also permeated by the sunny light energies. The gemstone sunstone helps us to reach higher levels of consciousness and dissolve energy blockages. In this way, the gentle soothing soul gives us well-being, cheerfulness, and belief in the future. The sun-stone protects us from dark times with its shining light coat.



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