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Sapphire is a very special healing and precious stone, above all because of its powerful energies, that’s why it is said that the cornflower blue sapphire, that the energetic vibrations of other stones in any way can influence it.

Sapphire stone


No wonder that the effect of sapphire on the body and mind has an equally relaxing and balancing effect.

In ancient times, people thought the whole sky was a single giant blue sapphire … Discover a very special gem now!

Sapphire Formulation

The most important conditions for the formation of sapphires are extremely high pressure and temperature conditions and contact metamorphic embossed rocks in combination with igneous rock melts, which have only a small proportion of silica, but very high proportions of aluminum, from which the sapphire finally crystallize can.

Sapphire Origin

Sapphire is found mainly in Sri Lanka and India, as well as in the United States of America, Australia, Nigeria, and Madagascar.

Sapphire Colors

The sapphire is especially known for its magnificent cornflower blue. However, the color spectrum ranges from sapphires to yellow, green and purple to pink, brown, orange and even white. Only the color red does not occur with the sapphire.

Blue sapphires are created by the coloring substance of iron and titanium, the violet color comes about through vanadium and trivalent iron.

Sapphire History

The name sapphire comes originally from the Greek – “sappheiros” means something like “love for Saturn”. One of the strongest properties of sapphire is its chemical resistance. Therefore, this gem melts only at an incredible temperature of 2040 ° C, also the sapphire is acid insoluble.

Because of these special, resistant properties, sapphire is already assigned to Saturn in ancient Indian astrology. At that time, the mystical meaning of the stone was also highly valued. Sapphires have been used in past cultures to worship deities, who have been credited with having a special influence on the history of humanity, often as a symbol of magic.

Since the early Middle Ages, every cardinal has been wearing a sapphire on his blessing hand. In the Middle Ages, the sapphire was associated with values such as faithfulness, love, and chastity like no other gem, and was a popular symbol of power for kings and emperors.

Sapphire Effects

The sapphire has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, especially when we are under stress. In addition, the sapphire is considered not only a stone of loyalty but also the devotional love that connects two people on both physical and mental level.

Therefore, the sapphire gemstone is particularly popular with lovers of love. He also promotes a peaceful and contented attitude and protects us from negative emotions from the outside: such as envy, greed or hatred.

The sapphire works best on the throat chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Capricorn, Sagittarius and Pisces. In particular, its effect in the gemstone water has a very strengthening effect.

To enjoy their blue companion for as long as possible, sapphire should be cleaned under running water at least once a month or unloaded with hematite tumbled stones. And rock crystal is ideal for recharging a sapphire.



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