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The clearer is the ruby and the more intense are its color and are more valuable. Especially in today’s fast-paced time, the ruby is considered a real lucky stone – because it not only symbolizes love and loyalty but also strengthens the intuition, creativity, and vitality. Red as the most beautiful rose – the ruby is the stone of kings, maharajahs, and lovers.


Ruby Formulation

Like most gemstones, ruby also grows at depth – in places where aluminum, oxygen, and chromium are found in large numbers. Very high temperatures and immense pressure eventually lead to a melt which, with the rising magmatic mass, reaches the colder layers near the surface of the earth. After this hot mass has cooled, the ruby crystallizes out in the corundum structure.

Ruby Origin

The find areas of the ruby are in Afghanistan, Brazil, China, India, and Kenya. He also appears in Burma, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Thailand.

Ruby Colors

The most important feature of a ruby is its color, which can range from brownish red to pinkish. However, the most sought after is the so-called dove blood color, a pure red with a bluish cast. Some rubies also have a wonderful, shiny sheen, also known as the ‘silk of ruby’.

Ruby History 

In antiquity, this precious gemstone was especially worshiped by the Greeks and Romans. For her, he was the mother of all gems, the blood of the earth. He embodied life and should preserve love. He was also credited with promoting sexual energy.

The ruby was considered a symbol of power, valor, and dignity. In addition, he should keep his bearers from the plague, other dangerous diseases and even the devil himself.

Ruby has since been considered the lucky stone of love because he unites the spiritual attraction in a harmonious way with the physical desire. And the famous healer Hildegard von Bingen attributed the ruby a good healing effect on fever and headache.

Ruby Effects

The ruby is a real energy booster, because it stimulates the circulation, thus increasing the oxygen supply in the blood and prevents the calcification of the vessels – and this also strengthens our most important organ, the heart.

The ruby also helps with potency disorders and blockages in the sexual area, for women it is also recommended for menstrual problems and the typical signs of menopause.

On the psychic level, the Ruby not only strengthens our creativity and intuition, but it also helps us to get over failures faster and better – and yet, we never lose sight of our goals.

The ruby works best on the root chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned to the star sign Aries, Virgo, and Scorpio.

It is recommended to clean ruby at least twice a month under running lukewarm water or to discharge it in a dry bowl of hematite tumbled stones. In a rock crystal group, it can be recharged. Alternatively, the morning or evening sun donates enough new energy. Simply place the stone in a sunny spot for two hours.



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