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Red Coral

Red Coral Ring
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Real red coral is an erotic coral stone, which has a positive influence on our love and life feeling. Even the ancient Egyptians processed them into fine jewelry. In the late Middle Ages, it was reserved for the bourgeoisie. And Indians use them very often in the manufacture of jewelry together with high-contrast turquoise.

red coral

Red Coral Formulation

Red corals are organic and can live for 75 to 100 years. They belong to the genus of invertebrate marine animals, also called polyps and occur at 7 to 1,500 meters depth. They thrive particularly well on rocky terrain in areas with strong currents, on sea banks, seamounts and under rocky outcrops.

They grow in colonies and have branched forms reminiscent of shrubs or fans. The colors of the colonies range from white, pink and red to orange – these different color variants are due to the stored algae. Coral colonies can grow up to over a meter, but they grow very slowly: less than an inch per year

Red Coral Origin

The Red Coral occurs worldwide in tropical, subtropical and temperate oceans: They are found in the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific.

Red Coral Colors

The color range of the red coral ranges from pink and light red to almost rust-red.

Red Coral History

Already in ancient times, the red coral was used for jewelry and amulets and was known as protection against various diseases, but also against unforeseen events such as a sudden lightning.

From time immemorial, especially female deities have been associated with the red coral, such as the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis or Roman Venus, the goddess of love. Rosaries made of coral were very popular in the late Middle Ages to protect especially children,

Therefore, many representations of the Child Jesus with a coral necklace can still be found in Italy today. And to this day, the coral chain embodies the carefree stage of childhood there.

Red Coral Effects

The Red Coral grounds us because red is the color of the activated life force, which also has an invigorating effect on fatigue and stress and balances the meridians.

Our sense of community is also strengthened and our understanding of our fellow human beings. And because the red coral is formed from limestone structures, it also has a positive effect on the spine and bones – especially in old age it prevents bony fragility.

The red coral unfolds its effect best on the root chakra. On the astrological level, it is assigned to the zodiac Capricorn, bull, and scorpion.

Like the turquoise, the real red coral is in the upper price range. Only counterfeits and imitations are often offered very cheap, but have a rather negative effect on our well-being – so you avoid tempting cheap coral offers in distant resorts.

Because these are usually artificial and colored coral. The real red coral is very sensitive and should only be wiped off with a soft cotton cloth. For more intensive care, the red coral may be rinsed once a month with a seawater solution – to regenerate it is then simply placed in a dry bowl of sea salt.



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