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Quartz Crystal

rock crystal stone
Written by Morgen
Quartz Crystal in ancient times was considered to be petrified ice – hence the origin of the name goes back to the ancient Greeks – because in Greek it is called krýstallos’ ice. The purity of a very special mineral.

rock crystal

Quartz Crystal Formulation

Quartz Crystal belongs to the mineral class of oxides: It is found in hydrothermal veins, on clefts, and in cavities. The king of the minerals is clear quartz, which is made of hot, almost pure silicic acid.

This silica requires very special conditions in subterranean cavities in order to become a crystal – because pressure, temperature and the supply of minerals are of decisive importance here. In our latitudes, alpine rock crystals were formed 12 to 20 million years ago.

And since the cycle of crystal formation is far from complete, new mountain crystals will see the light of day again and again in the future. In addition, global warming ensures that snow melting causes many Quartz Crystal to emerge without human intervention.

The growth of Quartz Crystal, however, always follows the laws of nature – hence, there are no two crystals that are alike, each crystal is an absolute unique.

Quartz Crystal Origin

Quartz Crystal occurs all over the world. However, the main find areas of rock crystal lie in the European Alps as well as in Brazil, in the USA and in Sri Lanka, also in Japan or Madagascar it occurs.

Quartz Crystal Colors

Rock crystal comes in two different shades: clear and transparent to milky white.

Quartz Crystal History

For millennia, the rock crystal is an integral part of human medicine. Already in ancient Egypt, the rock crystal was said to have beneficial properties.

The Indians of North America gave their newborn a rock crystal to protect against evil forces in the cradle. And the holy Hildegard von Bingen described the positive effect on problems with the thyroid and gastrointestinal complaints.

Quartz Crystal Effects

The clearer and more translucent a rock crystal are, the more intense its effect. Through its millions of years of compressed power, it brings energy back into flux – which makes it ideal for recharging other stones energetically.

When worn as jewelry, rock crystal acts just as well as being placed in the room as an object: Immediately it begins to have a pleasant, invigorating effect that goes hand in hand with serene composure.

Therefore, the rock crystal also dissipates disharmonic, emotional vibrations and is often used in the media area. On the physical level, rock crystal has a positive effect on many organs and is used wherever it comes to cleansing and soothing – especially its cooling effect can help alleviate various ailments.

Rock crystal works best on the Crown Chakra – no wonder it is also called the Stone of Enlightenment. On the astrological level, it is assigned to the zodiac Capricorn and Leo, because rock crystal has the ability to absorb external energy.

It should be discharged at least once a month under running and lukewarm water and should be cleaned. To recharge with new energies, it can then be placed in the moonlight or in the sun – although the pure midday sun is to be avoided, as rock crystal can shatter at high temperatures.



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