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Just as the monster stone is always in change, same like that, the moonstone, depending on the incidence of light, the most diverse facets.

Moonstone Gemstone

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Because the moon is connected in a special way with the intuition, the moonstone also strengthens the intuitive forces in us. It has a bright radiance of a very special stone.

Formulation of Moonstone

Moonstone is composed of a mixture of aluminum, silicon, potassium, and oxygen. Its stitch color is white. As a variety of feldspars that form mixed series, moonstone occurs after cooling from the rock mass and weathering of cryptobiotic segregations, field spades are very common worldwide and account for up to 80% of the earth’s crust.

Moonstone Origin

The moonstone is found mainly in Sri Lanka, there are other deposits in the United States of America, Brazil, Australia, India, Madagascar, and Myanmar and in the Austrian state Wachau and the African state of Tanzania.

Moonstone Colors

The moonstone its incomparable white-bluish shimmer has an effect that is mainly generated by the lamellar structure of the moonstone crystal.

Moonstones, which come from the classical country of origin Sri Lanka, are usually almost completely transparent to milky white – their luster is often marked by a delicate blue High-quality blue moonstones are mainly from Madagascar. Moonstones from India, on the other hand, often have a cloudier, orange-colored nuance.

Moonstone History

The moonstone has always captivated people with its mysterious yet reassuring aura. In India, for example, it is considered a dream stone, which ensures a carefree sleep and famous for pleasant dreams. In Arab countries, the moonstone is called the “Stone Of Women.”

Among the North American Indians, the moonstone is built into the so-called “Dreamcatcher” with preference: The magical structures are hung over the bed and not only keep dark forces off but form also an invisible, protective aura over the sleeping person.

Moonstone Effects

The moonstone has a very positive effect on the female sex in particular, because of its balancing energies, it is a good companion especially for menstrual cramps. The same applies to the ups and downs of the menopause.

If you want to become a mother, you can benefit from its fertility-promoting effect. Whoever is already a mother is supported by the Moonstone in breastfeeding and milk production.

Even in periods of uncertainty in which self-confidence is a little on edge, the moonstone has a positive effect, because it brings us back into contact with our intuition, strengthens our empathy and ensures a real confrontation with our deepest feelings.

And those who suffer from insomnia or sleepwalking, the moonstone also helps against the associated symptoms, which were falsely referred to in earlier times as a “moonlight”.

The Moonstone works best on the Crown Chakra – no wonder it is also called the Stone of Enlightenment.

On the astrological level, it is assigned as the star sign Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The moonstone should be gently cleaned before using it for the first time – simply rub it off a little under running tap water.

Then the Moonstone can be charged in full moonlight. After some time you should discharge it with hematite at regular intervals and then recharge it again. Pay attention to the natural phases of the moon to enjoy your lunar companion for as long as possible.




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