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Larimar has a positive effect on brain activity, it releases energy and increases our energy. It is predominantly found as a tumbled stone, flatterer or pendant.

In addition, it is surrounded by a very special secret, which has to do with the legendary Atlantis. Therefore, the Larimar is also called Atlantis stone, the Larimar was a long time in secret – today it combines past, present, and future.


Larimar Formulation

Larimar is of hydrothermal origin – it forms in extremely hot, mineral-rich solutions, which are found deep underground in corridors or veins.

Larimar Origin

Larimar is an extremely rare mineral. So far, only two localities are known around the world. The first and more well-known find site is the ‘Filipinas Larimar’ mine in Barahona, Dominican Republic. But few know that there is another site in Europe: Fitt√† near Soave in northern Italy.

Larimar Colors

On the surface, Larimar is often reminiscent of turquoise, but the sky-blue color is based on slight traces of vanadium. The color palette for this rare stone ranges from light blue over white-blue to a greenish-white nuance.

Larimar History

Although Larimar was rediscovered in 1974 on the southwest coast of the Dominican Republic, this blue pectolite is already legendary and has become a true landmark of the small Caribbean state.

Because the Larimar was also before that among the natives as a healing and healing stone, the evil spirits keep away and should protect the family from deadly diseases and natural disasters.

In the past, many small mountain streams washed Larimar into the Bahoruco River, which flows directly into the Caribbean Sea. From the sea, he was then flushed back to the beach, where he discovered the Taino Indians and made jewelry from him.

But the Larimar still surrounds another mystery: The rare gem is also associated with the fabled Atlantis in connection.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the American Edgar Cayce, a medium and parapsychological diagnostician, not only affirmed that Atlantis actually existed and that many people are still reborn as reincarnations of souls from Atlantis.

Cayce also saw in one of his trance states a blue stone of Atlantic origin – and prophesied that this stone with healing powers would one day be found on an island in the Caribbean. Cayce passed away in 1945: It was to be almost 30 years before the ocean blue Larimar actually reappeared in a mysterious way in 1974.

Larimar Effects

The Larimar supports our spiritual and physical growth, it expands the view and allows us to suddenly perceive the world with a completely new perspective. Especially in turbulent times, it looks like a calming rock in the surf.

When great changes are needed, the Larimar is the ideal stone to look to the future with confidence, thanks to its powers fed by millennia of geology.

Larimar Suitability

The Larimar unfolds its effect best on the crown chakra. On the astrological level, it is assigned for the star sign Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Larimar Charging/Discharging

Because the stone of Atlantis is extremely sensitive, you should regularly clean the Larimar under running lukewarm water. For charging, it is recommended to place it for about two hours in the morning or evening sun.



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