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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli stone
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Lapis Lazuli, The great general Napoleon is said to have carried a Lapis Lazuli as a protective stone when he goes to war, and even the legendary Egyptian ruler Cleopatra used Lapis Lazuli to underline her feline eyes.

Today, the Lapis Lazuli enjoys great popularity, especially as a friendship amulet. Learn all about the blue friendship stone now.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Formulation

The Lapis Lazuli is tertiary in a metamorphosis of lime to marble. It consists mainly of lazurite, but also contains pyrite, which shines gold, and calcite, diopside, hauynite, sodalite, mica, hornblende, and other minerals.

Lapis Lazuli Origin

Lapis Lazuli is found in Russia, Chile, Burma, Canada, and Afghanistan.

Lapis Lazuli Colors

The color of Lapis Lazuli appears in a variety of shades of blue, but it can also be green, pink or even reddish brown. Depending on the color, conclusions can be drawn about the country of origin. While the Afghan Lapis Lazuli is dark blue, Tajikistan rocks are navy blue, but the stones found on Lake Baikal are purple-blue.

Lapis Lazuli History

Excavation shows that this mystical stone is full of secrets was already 5,000 years before Christ to chains and other jewelry processed. It was the protective stone of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The Indians still worship the Lapis Lazuli as a heavenly stone, which should bring them peace, wisdom, and love. Already in ancient times, the rock was pulverized and used as a make-up. In the painting, Lapis Lazuli became known as an ultramarine blue pigment. Lapis Lazuli is also very popular in interior design as wall paneling.

Lapis Lazuli Effects

The lapis lazuli has always been considered a stone of friendship – no wonder that it is still used today, above all in this area.

The Lapis Lazuli should also have a special effect on the psyche: it not only promotes intuition and strengthens the self-esteem of shy people, even pronounced choleric calms down under the soothing influence of Lapis Lazuli again faster.

It is also known to balance moodiness and melancholy, to release inner blocks and to have a particularly invigorating effect on our ability to concentrate.

On the physical level, the Lapis Lazuli relieves pain in the neck area – especially on the larynx and vocal cords, the stone unfolds its full effect. Because of these very special characteristics of the Lapis Lazuli is therefore recommended especially for people who have to pay attention to their vocal professions, such as actors, singers or speakers.

Lapis Lazuli works best on the throat chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Sagittarius, Virgo and Libra. Its effect on the body is especially good when you place the Lapis Lazuli on the throat chakra or the forehead chakra. The Lapis Lazuli strengthens our self-confidence and ensures that even shy people can become more sociable and open-minded to other people.

In addition, the Lapis Lazuli increases our sincerity, and because it also proves to be mood-enhancing, it is ideal for energetic blockages or fears. As a stone of friendship, he helps us openly entrust ourselves to our friends – and conversely, to always have an open ear for their concerns.

Lapis Lazuli Discharging

The Lapis Lazuli should be discharged once a month in a dry bowl of hematite tumbled stones. In the morning or evening sun or in a rock crystal group, it is then recharged.



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