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Hematite Gemstone
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Hematite is a legendary universal gemstone which is famous due to its self-portrait with hematite-based hues.

In ancient Egypt, priests formed the sacred scarab of Hematite. And among the Navajo Indians in Arizona, the Hematite is still considered a holy stone. The dark Hematite is full of secrets.

Hematite Formulation


The Hematite has a weak natural magnetism and belongs to the mineral class of oxides: it is the most common, naturally occurring form of iron oxide.

Therefore, Hematite often occurs with other iron ores such as magnetite, limonite or iron pat. It is formed by hot magma, by weathering in the oxidation zone of ore deposits or by the oxidation of magnesite.

Hematite Origin

The Hematite sites are found in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, Bangladesh, New Zealand and the USA.

Hematite Colors

The Hematite has an anthracite gray, shiny metallic color that shimmers from steel gray to silvery gray. When weathered, the Hematite shows a red-brown color, and even in its raw version, it is usually reddish brown to grayish-black.

Hematite History

The term Hematite is derived from the Greek word “haemateios” and means “bloody” – because when grinding the Hematite, the grinding water turns blood red.

No wonder then that the use of Hematite as a red dye for cave paintings has been documented since the Paleolithic era – the oldest of which are unbelievable 40,000 years ago.

The oldest Hematite production sites in Europe are located on the Greek island of Thasos, where the gemstone was mined 20,000 years before our era.

But in Germany there are prehistoric mining tracks, such as in Bad Salzburg or in the Black Forest, the Hematite promotion originated here around 5,000 BC.

In antiquity, hematite was also called specula rite, which means something like ‘mirror stone’ – because it was used in ancient Rome or by the Egyptians not only as a gemstone but also as a finely polished mirror.

Hematite Effects

Hematite provides courage and vitality, making it the ideal companion for those times in life where we struggle because things just do not get going. Hematite not only increases our spontaneity on the mental level, it also ensures that we get more energy and determination to tackle important projects with the necessary vigor. We focus again and can decide what is really important – this has to do with the magnetic properties of Hematite, which acts as a compass for the soul.

On the physical level, Hematite has a stabilizing effect on circulatory problems by stimulating the body’s own oxygen supply. The pleasant side effect is that in addition also the detoxification and the purification is promoted. Even with PMS problems or menstrual cramps hematite is recommended as a healing stone.

The Hematite works best on the root chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Virgo, Scorpio, and Aries. The Hematite itself discharges in connection with the rock crystal tumbled stones, at the same time it is recharged by the rock crystals.




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