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Heliodor, the name Heliodor derives from the ancient Greek ‘Helios Duron’, which means ‘gift of the sun’. No wonder that especially true connoisseurs and fans of special gemstones appreciate the Heliodor very much.

Because in this stone, the light and the power of the sun are stored forever … Golden yellow and radiant – Heliodor acts like a makeover.

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Heliodor Formulation

The Heliodor belongs to the mineral class of silicates. It is formed hydrothermally or magmatic ally and is an aluminum-beryllium-silicon compound.

Heliodor Origin

The yellow Sunstone occurs in various countries around the world: its range extends from Australia and Brazil to Madagascar, Namibia, and Pakistan. The Heliodor also occurs in Russia, Ukraine, and the US.

Heliodor Colors

The colors of Heliodors range from a yellowish shade to greenish yellow, sometimes there is a slightly bluish-green variant as the related gold berry. The gold beryl occurs both as a lemon and golden yellow variety of beryl, the yellow color is produced by iron.

Heliodor History

The Heliodor was found at the beginning of the 20th century in present-day Namibia Рthe stone was discovered by chance in the search for diamonds in the Rössingmine.

At that time, Namibia was called German-Southwest Africa, so a weekly newspaper wrote that it was ‘a new German gem’ discovered in the mine. From Africa, the stone was brought to Idar-Oberstein in the well-known gemstone grinding, where he was eventually awarded the name Heliodor.

The term heliodors are derived from the Greek word ‘Helios’ for the sun and in the figurative sense means ‘the gift of the sun’. Even the then Emperor Wilhelm II was very pleased with the light, golden coloring of Heliodor. However, the color did not remind him of the brilliance of sunlight, but of a beautiful, old Mosel wine.

Heliodor Effects

The Heliodor has long been known not only as a protective stone but also as a true beauty booster, which is known for its rejuvenating effect. The result: more charisma, a healthier look and a younger, more youthful look.

And because the Heliodor also strengthens the inner balance and thus ensures more balance, it also has a positive effect on our mental state.

On the physical level, Heliodors has a strengthening and stimulating effect on the autonomic nervous system, and it helps to alleviate the dysfunction of glands and organs. In this way, the Heliodor not only stimulates the healing power in arrhythmia of the heart but also stimulates the blood circulation and can, especially at puberty, help against sore muscles or side stitches.

A longer-wearing amulet with a Heliodor stein should show a good effect in the case of short or long-sightedness and have an invigorating effect on the immune system.

The heliodors work best on the solar plexus chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. The Heliodor should be cleaned at least once a month under running lukewarm water and unloaded in a hematite drum shell. He can then be charged in a rock crystal group or amethyst druse.



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