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gold river stone
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Gold River is not only a brownstone in the traditional sense, however, since it is made of natural materials and has the seven degrees of hardness, but the Gold River is also still one of the semi-precious stones.

Its reddish-brown color with countless, golden-glittering inclusions in it makes it very popular gemstone.

Gold River Formulation

The gold river is made of quartz sand, which is melted with copper or copper oxide in a flame at about 1250 ° C – and it is only the copper added during the production which produces the most reddish brown color with the intense mica effect.

Gold River is often used as a substitute for natural aventurine. The shiny semi-precious stone can be polished, sanded or cast in molds and is often used as a multifaceted gemstone.

Gold River Origin

Gold River consists mainly of silica sand – a material that is considered worldwide as an unlimited raw material. Quartz sand is mainly mined in the USA, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Spain, and France.

Gold River Colors

Most often, the gold flow occurs in reddish-brown color. This is caused by the embedded copper crystals, the glass itself, however, has no color. But there are also other variants, usually in the shades of blue to violet, not quite as common is also green.

Gold River History

There are different narrations about, how the Gold River saw the light of day, as well as who made this stone first. Once there were Italian monks in the middle of the 16th century, who discovered the gold river in experiments in alchemy thanks to very high temperatures.

On another occasion, it is the Venetian family Miotto who, for the first time in the 17th century, managed to establish the Gold River and to secure the manufacturing rights of the head of state of Venice.

Gold River Effects

The Gold River gives us a deep, inner serenity and the gift of simply accepting ourselves as we really are for under his influence we place less value on the opinions or judgments of others, which in most cases are superficial are.

This also makes it easier for us to lovingly arrange with our own small weaknesses. The Gold River is a great addition especially for the morning grouch because it provides us with extra power, which often lasts all day, it also has a mood-enhancing and energetic support our aura.

The Gold River works best on the Sexual Chakra. On the astrological level, it is assigned as the star sign Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

If you own a Gold River, you should clean it once a month under running lukewarm water and unload in a bowl of hematite tumbled stones. To charge, you can put it in the morning or evening sun. Alternatively, it can also be associated with mountain crystals that provide it with new energy.



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