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The most famous gemstones are Turquoise, Amethyst, Pearl, Sapphire, Amber, Emerald, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Ruby, Topaz, Moonstone, Onyx, Agate, RoseQuartz, Peridot, Tourmaline, Pyrite, Malachite, Alexandrite, Citrine, Tanzanite, Labradorite, Tiger’s Eye, Fluorite, Zircon, Beryl, Jasper, aquamarine, Carnelian, Aventurine, masonite, Chalcedony, Morganite, Smoky Quartz, Larimar, Sodalite, Spinel, Heliotrope, Nephrite, Kyanite, Serpentine Subgroup, Rhodonite, Chrysoprase, Rhodochrosite, Chrysocolla, Sunstone, Cordierite, Red Coral, Ametrine.

Continental Fault Seam Area


As a result of the gasification of geothermal energy, the stones that contain minerals have changed from a variety of gems. Pakistan is rich in gem resources and is located in the gems geological structures.

Hidden In Crystalline Granite

In the tens of millions of years of change in the crust, the magma was in the earth’s crust due to the continental shelf, and granite rock masses were formed near the surface.

During the final cooling and solidification phases of these igneous rocks, some residual magmatic flow produced faults and cracks. The wide areas formed plains. Crystal veins formed veins in prominent places. There was a large number of gemstones in these veins.

Hidden In The Mountains With Geothermal Hot Water

These sedimentary rocks are formed in the late stage of crystalline granite and can be found in a large number of deposits formed by volcanic intrusive rocks.

In the final solidification of the crystalline granite, a small part of the remaining rich ore slowly rises with the Earth’s crust, forming faults, some splitting and merging or forming a plain. The various elements of the deposit form a gemstone by a continuous dissolution combination.

Several Gemstones With The Relatively High Economic Value

Pakistan has a geographical advantage in the world’s major gem markets (Thailand, Sri Lanka), and it can sell high-priced and marketable products such as rubies and emeralds.

Their characteristics and production areas are the mining potential and the most economically valuable gemstones, the annual mining potential of Pakistan’s ruby is 800,000 carats, the emerald is 875,000 carats, and the olive oil is 5 million carats, but it has not yet reached the estimated mining capacity.

Predicted Reserves And Value Of Pakistani Gemstones

Emerald is the most important gemstone deposit in Pakistan, producing a 70-km ore belt from Shamozai to Alpuri Shan gala. The main mining mines are located in Shawarzai, Mingora, Charbagh, Makhand, and Gujar.

Swat has some of the finest emeralds that can compete with Colombia. The mineral deposits are located in the Mingora area at a depth of 90 meters. If the deposits are drilled deeper, the output will easily reach 20-30 million carats. The reserves of Sharmaoi and Gujar are similar to Mingora. Therefore, within the area of Swat, the reserves of emeralds may exceed 60-90 million carats.

There are many ways to do this. Rough gemstones are mostly 8-10 carats and high-quality 3-5 carats. Polished gems less than 1 carat have good color and transparency, while larger ones are darker and less attractive.

Among the gems mined, about 5-10% of the quality is high, so Pakistan’s emerald development has a considerable potential. It is possible to increase production in the MINGORA area.


In the areas of Gujarkili and Shamozai, especially in the areas of Mimala and Mor, Darla in the Bajaur region, new mining areas have been discovered and put into production. A 150 km long Emerald belt has been identified in the Indus and Mohmand regions, which has great potential for development.

One of the main deposits of Emerald is Kashmir and has been mined by the United Nations and the Azad Kashmir Minerals Industry Development Corporation. It is estimated that there will be 200 million carats of reserves.


The rubies produced in Kashmir are also famous for their color and quality, and they have opened up markets in the international market.

It has been proven that the gemstones are in a small part of Hongzha’s medium reserves, which is the second largest deposit in the world. The gem mine in the area still needs further development and exploration.

Pink Topaz

Katlang region is rich in Pink Topaz, which is unique in the world and found only in Pakistan and Brazil. However, the best color is only Pakistan. If Pakistan expands its efforts in the world market, this gemstone will export a lot of foreign exchange earnings.

Although the current scale of development is still small, the geological exploration reserves are credible, I believe that this gem will bring a bright future for Pakistan’s gemstone industry.


High-quality Olivine was discovered in the Kohistan area in 1994, and a mining area was found in a 20-square-kilometer area.

It has been developed by the local people and entered the international market. The reserves of this mine are estimated to be between 75 million and 100 million carats.


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