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Garnet is used for self-confidence, inner motivation and vitality, various cultural circles around the world appreciate the gemstone garnet as a fascinating gemstone. The red carbuncle enchants with multi-faceted character. The garnet healing effect unfolds to life force, self-confidence and inner fire.

Garnet Gemstone

garnet gemstone

Uses of gems in the formula magic and the ancient Egyptians also used the stones as talismans. Healing stones activate chakras, release blockages and promote regeneration.

Also, the garnet is said to have great significance and curative effect. The mysterious carbuncle gives willpower, helps with depression and strengthens the circulation.

Garnet, a Short Introduction

Garnets are rock-forming iron and aluminum minerals from the family of nesosilicates. The minerals usually crystallize in the cubic lattice and appear in characteristic forms of the granatoeder, today called rhombic dodecahedron.

As a rule, the garnet is translucent, in many admixtures, it can also be opaque. The garnet colors are predominantly red, however, there are several other colors such as yellow-green, light yellow, orange-red, pink, brown, violet and almost black blood red.

Among the varieties of the garnet group include almandine, hessonite, pyrope, spessartine, and theodolite. In addition to small crystals, there are gigantic, up to 700 kilograms heavy grenade.

Naturally found specimens come from the largest mining areas in Sri Lanka, North America, India and South Africa.

The pomegranate stone gives confidence, hope and is a guardian of solid friendships. In the astrological garnet meaning the glowing red stone supports passion, love, and self-confidence of the star sign Scorpio.

Meaning of Garnet

Garnets take their name from the Latin term “granum”, which means “grain” in the German translation. The gemstone garnet was in ancient times a coveted, from the inside shining jewelry and protective stone.

In medieval times, the fascinating stone was also titled as Karfunkel. In ancient India, he represented the transformation of the liberating fire, while for the Buddhists, grenades are still holy stones. In the garnet meaning of the ancient Egyptians, the carbuncle stone afforded protection against dangers in the real world and against bad dreams.

Bearers of the radiantly beautiful gems should flow through strong energies to defend themselves against evil and against injustice. In Europe, it was believed for a long time that a jewel thief would be caught if there was a garnet in its prey.

How Does The Garnet Effect & Unfold The Psyche?

The garnet healing stone is known for its strong effect on mind and soul. As an energy donor, the fiery stones should help against discouragement and depressive mood.

The fire of the stone strengthens self-confidence and energy. Particularly in the case of painful disappointments and harsh setbacks, healers recommend the garnet.

It helps to analyze past mistakes, helps with upheavals, promotes self-control and frees you from stuck habits. Even with inhibitions and disorientation, the garnet healing stone shows its powerful effects.

The garnet healing effect on the mental-spiritual level is:

Resilience, consistency, and stamina
Opens new eye wraps for creative ideas
Bring out the inner fire
Helps with hopelessness, crises and mental fatigue

What effect does the garnet have on the body?

On the physical level, the gemstone garnet mobilizes the metabolism, stabilizes the circulation and has a strengthening effect on the heart muscle. Garnet stones are also used for circulatory disorders and anemia.

The garnet healing effect has a positive influence on the self-healing powers and the blood circulation. In addition, carbuncle stones stimulate sexuality, strengthen the liver and stimulate kidney function.

Also in skin diseases, inflammation, rheumatism, and bronchitis, the garnet healing stone can be used. It is also recommended the stone for headaches – it should put on the top of the head until heat is generated.

Garnet Healing Effects

Regeneration of all organs
Strengthening the pancreas
Helps with bladder and urinary tract infections
Improves performance
Regulation of thyroid function
Positive effect on potency issues

What do I need for an optimal garnet effect?

The healing garnet effect can best develop on contact with the skin. You can use this application several times a day for the healing purpose. The healing power is especially strong when you wear chains with touching garnet balls close to your neck.

It is best to drink gemstone water with garnet in the morning on an empty stomach in small sips. You can clean the gemstone garnet under lukewarm water.

It is advisable to discharge the fiery carbuncle once a month in a bowl with dissipating hematite stones. Because of its multi-faceted shades of garnet healing stone can be applied to various chakras – crown chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, root chakra.

The garnet has a positive effect on bone growth and organs in meditations. At the same time, the stone promotes a filled-in sexual life even in the case of deep mental stress. Harmony and inner peace can be achieved by meditating with garnets.

To do this, you must place a blood-red garnet on the root chakra and at the same time a green stone above the navel on the solar plexus.




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