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Emerald Gemstone is not only the most beautiful stone but also the most precious gems. Even the legendary Queen Cleopatra was obsessed with the mysterious green fire that is inherent in every Emerald.

Emerald Gemstone


Because of this unique brilliance, the Emerald is still one of the world’s most popular jewels and gemstones. Fascinating like the mysterious green eye of a glorious tiger.

Origin of Emerald

As an aluminum beryllium silicate, the emerald belongs to the mineral class of silicates. The green gemstone has is a variety of styles.

The rocks are formed hydrothermally or as a product of a metamorphosis of aluminum-beryllium-rich rocks with chromium-containing rocks.

It is above all the high proportion of chromium that gives the emerald its striking and fascinating green color.

Occurrence Of Emerald

The Emerald is mainly at home in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, India, Colombia, Mozambique, Norway, Austria, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia, South Africa and Tanzania.

Colors of Emerald

Most African Emerald stand out for their intense, slightly cooler and bluish in color, while South American Emerald are characterized with a warmer and yellowish tone.

History of Emerald

The name “Emerald” comes originally from the Greek: the word “Emerald” means as much as a green stone. The Emerald was assigned to the messenger of the gods Mercury in antiquity.

Even in ancient Egypt, the Emerald used to worn, because from 3,500 to about 200 years before our era, Egypt was the world’s most important gemstone supplier of turquoise and Emerald mines. The Emerald deposits were in the middle of the desert, southeast of Cairo.

Later, the Spaniards re-launched the Emerald trade when they conquered America in the 16th century. There too, Emerald is used in jewelry and ceremonial projects have been in use for a long time and are extremely popular.

Effect of Emerald

The Emerald has a positive effect on the eyesight, it strengthens the cardiovascular system and stimulates the function of the liver. Emeralds also have a detoxifying effect and contribute to the relief of rheumatic diseases.

They generally strengthen the immune system and promote healing in infections. On the psychic level, the Emerald provides mental balance and helps us to be more open and spiritual. In addition, the green gemstone ensures that we stay young in the spirit for a long time.

As jewelry, the Emerald is used in a gold jewelry, as the gold also activates the healing properties of the stone.

The Emerald works best on the heart chakra, no wonder it is also called the stone of devotion. At the astrological level, Emerald should be gently cleaned before using it for the first time, just rub off with running tap water.

Thereafter, it should continue to be cleaned regularly, preferably once a month, under running water. To enjoy their green companion for a long time, Emerald should only be charged for a very short time in the morning or evening sun.

Being among the very powerful stones, they get a very heavy charge when rested overnight with ruby and clear mountain crystals in a dry bowl.



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