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The Chrysoprase meaning is the stone that helps to resolves grief,  stressful thoughts, and acts against jealousy. The gemstone Chrysoprase gives confidence, hope, and safety also in treading new life paths.

Chrysoprase For Hope, Trust, And Safety


Some stored stones energies are billions of years old. In stone science, the minerals and inorganic substances reinforce various properties or help with discomfort. The healing stone Chrysoprase was used in antiquity for depression.

It helps the new perspectives and leads to profound calm. The Chrysoprase effect is evident in sleep disorders, negative energies, and dependencies.

What is a Chrysoprase?

From a mineralogical point of view, the gem Chrysoprase is classified as chalcedony. It belongs to the oxides and quartz family. Like apple gets its apple green color from the contained nickel, which combines with silicic acid.

Instead of crystals, Chrysoprase forms the smallest fibers, which usually combine in a bulbous manner. This gemstone is available as a hand flatterer, rough stone, ball, necklace, and donut and in multi-faceted jewelry creations.

The name “Chrysoprase ” comes from the Greek “chrysos” and means “golden onion”. High-quality stones shine light green to emerald green with embedded brownish mother rock.

The price of the nickel-containing chalcedony is relatively high, as its deposits are in South Africa, Australia, India, and Brazil are nearly exhausted. For confusion, it often comes with bright aventurine or the Eden serpent.

Varieties of the family include chalcedony yellow, blue, red and pink, carnelian, lavender quartz, onyx and moss agate. The Chrysoprase effect supports the properties of bull and cancer. This gemstone particularly promotes empathy and brings inner balance in the zodiac signs.

Meaning Of Chrysoprase

The ancient Egyptians saw the Chrysoprase healing stone as a protector against black magic and also used as for the protection against the plague. In Greece, this golden puff protects against depression, love and drove a bad mood.

Also in the Bible, the stone Chrysoprase mentioned. The Revelation of John describes the stone as the tenth of twelve foundations in the Old City wall of Jerusalem.

Chrysoprase action is also remarkable in gout, epilepsy, and detoxification. The King Elector Frederick the Great chose this gemstone as his favorite stone.

In the splendid Prague Wenceslas Cathedral, about 1,300 semi-precious stones decorate the interior, mainly Chrysoprase, amethyst, and japsis. In Chrysoprase the stone helps in mastering new life tasks, creates security, strengthens the self-confidence and gives deep contentment.

Properties Of Chrysoprase

The Chrysoprase effect is detoxifying and cleansing for soul and body. Irritability, bad mood, nightmares and soul eclipses are the main action of this stone. This healing stone Chrysoprase solves internal conflicts, strengthens hope and frees from dependencies.

In love relationships, the apple-green GoldLauch conveys lasting honesty and loyalty. Through its detoxifying effect on the soul level, it also helps with lovesickness, mistrust, and jealousy. Chrysoprase is a heartfelt stone of renewal and transformation.

The qualities of the stone bring foresight, serenity and inner harmony.

Effects Of Chrysoprase On Mental And Spiritual Issues

Independence, trust in God, hope

Emotionally balancing and harmonizing

A deeper understanding of life, focus on the essentials

Open mind for a new view of the world

In the healing Chrysoprase meaning above all the intensive detoxifying qualities play an important role.

The healing stone of cleansing has positive effects on the blood and cardiovascular system.

As a gemstone elixir, it is used for skin problems.

Together with the smoky quartz, the Chrysoprase effect unfolds particularly well in the case of infections caused by fungi or neurodermatitis.

If you wear the apple green stone, it strengthens the internal organs and supports the liver in the detoxification.

It stabilizes blood pressure, promotes fertility in women and helps men with potency problems.

General Effects Of Chrysoprase

Detoxification, Cleaning, Purification
Skin diseases such as fungal infections or atopic dermatitis
Joint problems such as rheumatism and osteoarthritis
Activating effect on fertility and potency

Functions Of Optimal Chrysoprase Effect

You should wear the healing stone Chrysoprase over a longer period on the body. Before each use, pocket stones or flatterers must be unloaded under running warm water.



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