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Celestine gemstone
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Celestine is also called Aqua Aura, the cosmonauts first brought lunar rocks to Earth during the Soviet Lunar-16 mission, and during subsequent investigations, and the common Celestine found on Earth was detected.

Celestine, Aqua Aura Gemstone

Celestine Gem

It is not to be confused with the popular moonstone or the artificially produced Aqua Aura, which is sometimes used as a substitute for Celestine. The Celestine connects moon and earth.

Formation Of Celestine

Celestine has already formed in fissures and cavities some 65 million years ago but is rarely found in hydrothermal veins and in bladders of volcanic rocks such as limestone. In carbonate rock cavities, Celestine often occurs along with calcite, dolomite, and fluorite.

Occurrence Of Celestine

Celestine is found in various countries around the world. The sites are in Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, England, France, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Canada, Morocco, Mongolia, Namibia, Norway Russia, Sweden, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Hungary and many states of the USA.

Colors of Celestine

The color palette of the mineral ranges from completely colorless to white, pale blue, pink, orange and pale green to pale brown or black.

History of Celestine

There are various indications as to where and by whom the Celestine was first discovered. On the one hand, Sicily is indicated as the first location of Celestine, whereas the mineral was discovered 1781 by the French geologist Dolomite, for the first time a blue Celestine was found in the American state of Pennsylvania.

By the end of the 19th century, Celestine mining was started in Germany and England. In addition, the beautiful chrysanthemum flower stones are used in Japan and China as decorative elements in landscaping:

These stones are usually 15 to 50 cm in size, and because they are from rivers, they are harmoniously rounded organically.

Effect of Celestine

The Celestine even occurs on the moon. That’s why it strengthens the balancing forces in our body, has a calming effect and promotes to look inwards. Nervous states are so alleviated, a restless state of mind positively balanced again.

Especially in hectic times, the Celestine ensures that we can maintain our inner balance or regain it. On the physical level, Celestine, as a moonstone, is also associated with the feminine energies, making it a valuable companion for menstrual or climacteric complaints.

Also for a meditation in the evening is the Celestine, especially on nights with a full moon. Celestine works best on the throat chakra. On the astrological level, it is assigned as the star sign Gemini, Capricorn, and Taurus. If the Celestine is worn as a pendant, it should be unloaded in a bowl of hematite tumbled stones before each use.

The steamed Celestine clean as needed under running lukewarm water, it regenerates in a bowl of hematite tumbled stones and rock crystals.



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