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Carnelian gemstone
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Carnelian, blood agate or coral brings the joy of life, strengthens the sense of community and promotes idealism. Vitality, courage, passion, and steadfastness belong to this healing stone. The stone helps with problem-solving and supports solution-oriented thinking.

Richness Of Carnelian Gemstone


For several thousand years people have trusted in the beneficial effects of healing stones. Charged with powerful energies, the beautiful looking companions unfold their amazing powers.

The carnelian also helps on a psychological and physical level. Carnelian lifts the mood, gives courage and joy of life, counteracts insomnia and strengthens the assertiveness. As a health stone, the healing stone cleanses the blood and pampers the skin.

What actually is, Carnelian?

Carnelian fascinates with its unmistakable red tones and presents itself as an impressive eye-catcher. Presumably, the name “Carnelian” goes back to the word “Cornelian cherry”, which is similar in color to the healing stone.

Another interpretation sees the name of origin in the Latin word “carne“, for “meat”. Some call the stone therefore also as meat agate.

Carnelian belongs to the Chalcedon of the quartz family. The stones have a hardness of 7, that’s why this stone is ideal for the production of jewelry or figures.

The colors vary from bright red to fire red, from brown-red to almost black shimmering reds. The multi-faceted color plays arise through portions of iron oxide.

Particularly beautiful Carnelian come from Brazil and India, but there are also wonderful stones in North Africa, Australia, and Japan. For the zodiac signs Aries, Virgo and Capricorn, carnelian is an important mainstay.

It sharpens the view of the essentials, the virgin, it brings vitality, the Capricorn, and it brings stability.

Meaning of Carnelian

Already the kings of Mesopotamia adorned themselves with carnelians, and also Napoleon had a penchant for the red healing stones. In ancient Greece, Carnelian had significance as a symbol of the recurrent solar power.

The Egyptians believed that the gems unite divine powers. Carnelian was a precious grave goods, which should bring a deceased a carefree life in the afterlife. Carnelian, also known as the stone of renewal, was even found in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun.

The Romans made the red gemstones Intaglienschmuck. Carnelian was also mentioned in the Bible. In Exodus 28: 15-30 it is written that the stones adorn the axon’s breast shield.

According to Revelation 21:19, the Carnelian is one of the 12 stones used to build the foundation of the New Jerusalem. Today, the red Soul flatterers are known for their healing powers of headaches, cold hands and feet or indigestion.

Properties of Carnelian

The Carnelian has many properties for positive mental effects and thus has the Carnelian meaning as an important healing stone. It unleashes the joy of life and prevents depression.

Carnelian helps to an optimistic attitude to life and protect the wearer from stressful musings. If you have to make a difficult decision, the effect of the carnelian healing stones shows strong determination.

The blood agate gives courage, spurs on and brings you back to your inner center. A true mood maker, which also promotes the sense of community and bring fun back to life.

Effect of Carnelian on Soul

Promotes idealism, determination, and stability

Increases zest for life and driving force

Helps to minimize feelings of loneliness

Gives a good mood and ignites the energy

Helps with problem-solving

Brings back the inner balance

Carnelian Effect on Body?

Carneols stand for renewal and get the body back on track. The Carnelian healing stones strengthen the immune system and stimulate the blood circulation.

They equip their wearer against the attacks of germs and thus protect against infections.

In case of fever, headache, and cough, the healing stone unfolds its healing energies.

As Carnelian also has a blood-purifying effect, the organism is more receptive to essential nutrients and vitamins.

The skin also looks smoother, fresher and rosier when you wear Carnelian. Carnelian gemstone water has a favorable influence on the digestive organs.

Used for warming the cold hands and feet

It mobilizes metabolism and blood circulation

It improves the quality of blood

It Promotes nutrient and vitamin uptake in the intestine

It has a rejuvenating effect

It strengthens the gums

It is good for sleep disorders




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