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Azurite gemsstone
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Azurite is an excellent meditation stone that has a very positive effect on mental receptivity and imagination. And together with the rock crystal and the rose quartz, the azurite should even be able to form a protective shield against electromagnetic radiation.

Azurite, The Ideal Gemstone


Wonderful Azurite is like the shimmering waters of tropical seas, the Azurite is not only beautiful but also has a positive effect on body and mind.

Functionality Of Azurite Gemstone

Azurite belongs to the mineral class of anhydrous carbonates and is more common than other gems. It is a secondary mineral produced by chemical weathering from chalcopyrite or other copper sulfides or copper ores.

Because Azurite is formed in the oxidation zone of copper-bearing deposits, the supply of oxygen-rich water, in the form of groundwater or leachate is necessary, because only with the simultaneous release of a carbon dioxide molecule, the secondary mineral. Azurite is similar in composition to malachite.

Azurite Gems Stone Origin

Mainly you will find the Azurite in Australia, Mexico, and Chile. He was also discovered in France, the Urals and Namibia.

Azurite Colors

Azurite often shines, as the name suggests, in clear Azure, but the stone also comes in nuances that range from glaze blue and blue to light blue and dark blue to a haunting black blue.

Azurite History

Azurite has been known for thousands of years in various cultures throughout the world. The Azurite, also known as Citramarine, originated from this side of the sea. In antiquity, Armenia, Cyprus, and Andalusia were the major suppliers of the coveted Azurite, and Persians, Egyptians, and Romans used the powdered mineral as eye make-up.

In ancient China, Azurite was used during the Ming Dynasty to dye the legendary, beautiful vases. Azurite, however, gained particular importance in the paintings of the European Middle Ages and the Renaissance – the valuable blue pigment was used in monasteries for calligraphic manuscripts and small pictorial motifs.

The famous painter Michelangelo also used Azurite pigments in his incomplete Roman burial for the bright blue robe of Mary Magdalene. Azurite finally received its mineral name, which is still valid today.

Azurite Effects

At the psychic level, Azurite promotes self-awareness and critical thinking, in the long run, old patterns of thought change and we get a deeper understanding of life and its context.

Blockages and pent-up feelings are loosened, our consciousness and our receptivity activated. On the mental level, the Azurite stimulates the brain and nerve activity, it also improves the reaction forces, strengthens the general sensory perception and our ability to concentrate.

It is especially suitable for mediation. On the astrological level,  it is assigned for the zodiac Capricorn and Virgo.

The Azurite should be discharged at least once a month overnight in a dry bowl of hematite tumbled stones. Charging is not necessary as deep blue Azurites are true bundles of energy. Solely brighter Azurites should be charged in the sun or in rhinestones.



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