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Aventurine gemstone
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Aventurine is not only beautiful to look at, but it also has a very special quality: it has a healing and soothing effect on its wearer. What the Aventurine still can do, read here.

Aventurine Gemstone


The correct name is Aventurine Quartz, which is very important to differentiate the stone from the Aventurine feldspar.

The name Aventurine goes back to the Latin “al (lla) Ventura” and means something like “at random”. This is because at that time in Italy fine copper chips were scattered in molten glass. And not a certain amount, but simply “by chance”.

The aventurine has very special properties. On the one hand, like all quartz crystals, it is very hard, on the other hand, it is said to have a healing effect. It is mainly used as jewelry and artistic stone, as well as the healing stone.

Development Of Aventurine Gemstone

The gemstone Aventurine belongs to the middle class of oxides, the family of quartz, which consists of silica and oxygen, and within this belongs to the quartz variety, in which the individual crystals are visible to the naked eye – the so-called microcrystalline quartz.

Aventurine has its origin in hydrothermal processes in the rock formation, and it is formed in the final stages of magma solidification.

Aventurine Gemstone Origin

Aventurine has been found in numerous places around the world. Particularly are Russia, Brazil, India, and South Africa. Therefore, the aventurine is mined in industrial quantities.

Colors Of Aventurine Gemstone

Due to embedded foreign matter, the aventurine can take on different colors. If fuchsite is stored in the stone, it gets a green color.

The danger of confusing him with analcime, jade or emerald is great. If, on the other hand, hematite is embedded in the stone, it produces a red-brown color. This reddish-brown aventurine is easily confused with dolomite, in other countries the stone is imitated by the gold river.

For the layman, the difference is very difficult to recognize. In the trade one finds so-called Aventuringlas. But this has – except the name – little to do with the Aventurine because it is an art glass with copper inlets.

History Of Aventurine Gemstone

Even the ancient Greeks believed in the effect of aventurine. On the one hand, they sewed their warriors Aventurine in their clothes, because they should strengthen their courage and give them courage.

On the other hand, they considered the Aventurine a friendship stone. The stone also helps the wearer to distinguish well from bad friends or deepen friendships and keep bad friends at bay.

Even in antiquity, one knew about the healing properties of aventurine. For certain rituals intended to free the individuals concerned from disease, each participant was given an aventurine on their hearts. There he should develop his healing powers.

Effects of Aventurine

The healing stone Aventurine can alleviate or heal both physical and emotional complaints. It helps with skin irritations, acne, skin rashes, psoriasis and blistering. It also lowers cholesterol and prevents heart attacks. Asthmatics can finally breathe freely again and people suffering from back pain experience relief.

Aventurine promotes relaxation, making the wearer more patient, relaxed and enthusiastic. In addition, it strengthens the self-confidence, helps to enforce one’s own interests to others. One gets calmer overall, gets along better with failures and disappointments.

The Aventurine gives us original ideas and brings fresh momentum into our lives. We feel brave and powerful, happy about challenges. Often the aventurine is worn as a chain around the neck, but also on the wrist.

Aventurine works best on sacral and cardiac chakra. On the astrological level, the aventurine is assigned to the star sign Aries, Taurus, and Cancer. At the same time, Aventurine is the birthstone of Aries, meaning that it promotes its strengths and mitigates its weaknesses.

So it can restrain the impulsiveness of the fiery Aries. It is cleaned under running water, it is unloaded with hematite stones, charged in the morning sun.


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