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Aquamarine can promote spiritual growth and strengthen the vision. Already the ancient Greeks considered the aquamarine as a symbol for the preservation of marital happiness.

Aquamarine Gemstone

Therefore, he was often worn as an amulet. Today it is available in numerous jewelry variants and also as rough stone, crystal, and flatterer. Learn all about the calming sea stone.

Aquamarine Formation

Aquamarines are predominantly of magmatic origin, but they can also occur in metamorphic rocks – that is, strata of rock formed under tremendous pressure and temperature conditions. The Aquamarine is counted among the class of silicates and thus belongs to the group of beryls.

The Aquamarine crystallizes in the hexagonal crystal system, forming both long and short prismatic crystals. The aggregates may be columnar, granular, radial or bulky in shape.

Aquamarine Origin

The most common areas of Aquamarine are Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Italy, India, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and the USA.

Colors of Aquamarine

The Aquamarine has a magical range of different shades of blue, ranging from an intense deep blue over teal pastel blue to brilliant turquoise blue, ocean-like shades of green and an almost glowing dark blue. The more intense the color of Aquamarine, the higher its price.

Aquamarine History

The particularly beautiful light blue to dark blue color of Aquamarine immediately reminds of the bright colors of the ocean.

No wonder then that the name also has its origin in the sea: it comes from the Latin, ‘aqua’ means water and ‘mare’ sea. Aquamarine was known in the times of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans as a symbol of happiness and a guarantee for lasting youth.

In addition, the gem was also a friend of the sailors, who guaranteed them a safe and profitable voyage – because according to legend, the aquamarine even Poseidon, the god of the sea, have soothed.

In stormy seas, the sailors threw precious aquamarine amulets overboard, to temper the wrathful sea god again. In the Middle Ages, the aquamarine was assigned to the Apostle Thomas and the numerous voyages of the saint.

Aquamarine Effects

On the psychic level, the Aquamarine with its oceanic powers provides similar effects as a view of the expanse of the ocean: we feel calm, harmony and balance again, become more relaxed and inwardly balanced.

That’s why Aquamarine not only boosts self-esteem but promotes self-expression and relieves mood swings and depression. In marriage and partnership, Aquamarine is also considered to be the stone that deepens affinity, love and loyalty, and especially in difficult times.

On the physical level, the aquamarine promotes our stamina, it strengthens our discipline and increases our resilience. Our purposefulness is activated as well as the body’s own defenses, that’s why the Aquamarine is also alleviating in autoimmune diseases and allergies. It also strengthens the eyesight in case of short or long-sightedness.

On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Aquarius, Libra and Pisces. With these care tips, you will enjoy your aquamarine for a particularly long time, for cleaning, it is recommended to frequently discharge the aquamarine under running lukewarm water.

Afterward, it can either be loaded in the morning or evening sun or regenerated in a dry bowl with hematite and aquamarine tumbled stones.


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