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Amber gemstone
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Amber, the legendary gold of the oceans is a gift from the sea to the people. Because Amber is like a mysterious and at the same time living time capsule.

Amber Gemstone


No wonder that Amber feels in contrast to other gems very light and warm – and its warm and bright charisma provides light, the joy of life and immediately increases the optimism!

Amber Characteristics

Amber is neither rock nor mineral – that’s why it belongs to no mineral class, but is still counted among the gemstones. It consists of up to 260 million years old, fossil tree resin. There are several types of Amber – the best known are the Baltic Amber from the Baltic region or the Dominican amber from the Caribbean.

Origin Of Amber

The classic Amber area in Germany is the Baltic coast, such as on the islands of Hiddensee and Usedom. But the main find is located in the former East Prussia.

In the so-called “Samland”, the region around the former Königsberg, a powerful Amber vein stretches across the Baltic Sea and even reaches the earth’s surface.

Other well-known localities are in Romania, Italy, Great Britain, Burma, and Japan and, of course, in the Dominican Republic – the Amber found here is of high value due to the variety of colors and quality of the stone.

Colors Of Amber

Amber comes in several colors – the most famous and sought-after color is cognac, which occurs in very different brightness tones, ranging from honey yellow to brown. Cognac ambers are usually translucent, but some may also contain so-called Amber shotguns.

These are shiny gold irregular jumps. There is also Amber which contains hardly any guns – this includes the yellow-white Amber as well as the lemon-colored and cherry-colored Amber.

Green Amber is characterized by a larger number of shotguns and is transparent. Very rarely, colorless or black Ambers are found. In the jewelry area, especially the cognac Amber and the yellow-white and green Amber are used.

Amber History

Because Amber is a fossilized tree resin and thus symbolizes the tears of the trees, it is one of the oldest and most sought-after precious and gemstones in the world.

Even in prehistoric times, our ancestors designed art objects made of Amber. And at the same time, the most famous Amber art object of all time – the legendary Amber Room of the Russian tsar’s family – is still considered lost to this day.

Already in the Bronze Age, Amber reached the so-called Amber roads from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean. The name of the gem comes originally from the Low German – “Börnsteen” means as much as burning stone and is due to the good flammability.

The Latin name of the Amber is “Electrum” – because Amber charges by friction electrostatically, so it was used earlier among other things as clothes brush, as it pulls dust by rubbing.

The Effect Of Amber

Amber has been known since antiquity as a versatile healing stone. Thus, Thales von Milet argued that Amber could ward off pathogens, Pliny the Elder highlighted the antipyretic effect.

In the Middle Ages, mostly healers used Amber for stomach problems and bladder dysfunction. In addition, Amber oil was applied to the diseased parts of the body in rheumatism.

And on the spiritual level, Amber has always been considered a wonderful protective stone – because it stimulates the joy of life and increases our optimism, ideal to calm the mind and to promote flexibility!

Amber works best on the solar plexus chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, and Virgo. Amber is very soft and delicate – so for a long time to enjoy this very special stone, it should never be associated with creams, cleansers or perfumes.

Price Of Amber

Determining the price of raw amber stones is not an easy task. After all, each piece is an individualist and you do not even look up the value in the catalog.

Nevertheless, of course, you still want to know at least a rough guideline – regardless of whether you want to buy or sell the amber now. On this page we would like to shed some light on the price issue:

Influence Of Color On Price

Amber comes in very different shades. It can appear reddish when stored in ferrous sediment, and pyrite turns greenish.

The most characteristic of amber are the colors yellow to cognac-colored. Which color is the most popular is, of course, a matter of taste. However, most found raw amber stones are cognac-colored (estimates assume up to 90% of the found pieces). For example, yellow ambers are generally more expensive, as they are rarer.

Bigger In Size, Higher In Price

Definitely yes. Most amber pieces that can be found on the beach, for example, are hardly larger than pebbles. A find the size of a fist is already a great stroke of luck.

Everything that goes beyond that has a special rarity value. And what is rare is also valuable. In this respect, the rule of thumb applies to the value of raw amber stones: the larger, the more expensive.




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